General wiring system introduction

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1. Overview of Integrated Cabling System

The integrated wiring system is a modular and structured wiring system formed by the wiring industry in line with the needs of the development of the times. For modern buildings, the integrated wiring system is like the nervous system of the human body. It adopts a series of high-quality standard materials, and uses a modular combination to transmit voice, data, image and part of the control signal system with standardized transmission. The media is integrated, and after unified planning and design, the major subsystems of modern buildings are organically connected, and a physical medium is provided for the system integration of modern buildings.

The integrated wiring system is a structured wiring system that integrates all voice, data and other systems into a unified planning and design. It provides an informationized and intelligent material medium for the office and is an important part of the new digital infrastructure.

2. Introduction to the basic content of integrated wiring

Integrated wiring is also known as intelligent building wiring system. It adopts modular design to realize the characteristics of wiring system that is flexible, easy to manage and easy to expand. The system is based on the principles of reliability, security, standardization, versatility, and good scalability. It can support various existing network structures and protocols, while taking into account the development of wiring technology and network technology to meet the continuous development of modern new technologies. The integrated wiring system is divided into building subsystem, trunk subsystem and distribution subsystem. Each subsystem is composed of distribution frame, trunk optical cable or cable, distribution equipment, equipment cable, information socket and so on. Subsystems are connected by optical cables through patch panels.

3. The technical characteristics of integrated wiring

Compared with the previous wiring, the characteristics of the integrated wiring system can be summarized as the following points.

1. Practicality: After the implementation, the wiring system will be able to adapt to the development of modern and future communication technology, and realize the unified transmission of voice, data communication and other signals.

2. Flexibility: The wiring system can meet the requirements of various applications, that is, any information point can be connected to different types of terminal equipment, such as telephones, computers, printers, computer terminals, electric fax machines, various sensor devices and image monitoring equipment Wait.

3. Modularization: In the integrated wiring system, except for the horizontal cables fixed in the building, all the other connectors are basic standard parts, which can interconnect all voice, data, image, network and building automation equipment. To facilitate use, relocation, change, expansion and management.

4. Scalability: The integrated wiring system is expandable, so that it is easy to expand new equipment when there is a greater use in the future.

5. Economy: The use of integrated wiring system can reduce the number of management personnel. At the same time, because of the modular structure, the difficulty of work is reduced, which greatly reduces the cost of changing or relocating the system in the future.

6. Versatility: It can adapt to various computers and network topologies that conform to international communication standards, and can adapt to the communication requirements of different transmission speeds, and can support and accommodate the operation of various computer networks.

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