Product introduction丨Drag chain cable-flexible ultra-high-speed mobile robot cable

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One . Product description
           1. Product name: high flexibility industrial control robot cable
           2. Product patent number: 202220858682X
Two. Product performance characteristics
1. The laying stroke is 100m, the acceleration is 50m/S², and the moving speed is 8m/S;
2. Bending life > 4 million times;
3. Anti-shallow water, anti-oil, anti-ultraviolet, weather resistance;
4, cold resistance, wear resistance, can withstand heavier mechanical external force
5. Faster acceleration and stronger flex resistance than moderate towline chains
Three. Scope of product application
It is suitable for installation under continuous reciprocating motion, especially for frequent bending occasions in industrial environments, such as drag chains of modern mechanical standard components and logistics systems, control systems, and mechanical automation systems. CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, metal stamping, wood and stone machinery, glass and door and window machinery, injection molding machines, mechanical (human) hands, construction machinery, heavy machinery factories, automobile manufacturing, lifting and transportation equipment, automated warehouses, docks, fire trucks, etc. indoor and outdoor environment.

FOUR. Materials and performance parameters used in the product

1. Conductor: multiple bundles of short-pitch anti-bending finely twisted oxygen-free copper wires

2. Insulation: American DuPont Haicui high-performance insulation

3. Color code

≤0.5mm color representation, brown, black, blue, purple, pink, orange

≥0.5mm black numbers and white numbers, with blue-green grounding wires above three cores (yellow and green optional)

4. Core structure

Anti-kink delamination, or grouped gap filling

5. Sheath material: TPE

Jacket Color Black (RAL9005), Grey (RAL7001), Orange (RAL2003)

6. Technical parameter table


Rated voltage

section <0.5mm²:300/300V section≥0.5mm²:300/500V

Test voltage


Minimum bend radius:

Fixed laying

3* D


4* D

Operating temperature:

Fixed laying






flame retardancy

According to IEC60332-1-2,FT-1,

Oil resistance

According to DIN EN 50363-4-1,Class 2

Five, "flexible ultra-high-speed mobile robot arm cable" orde

1. Support customization

2. Customized according to customer and project requirements

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