Company profile

Cloudtop cable was established in 2009.
It is a three-in-one overall solution provider integrating front-end information collection and transmission, local area network integrated information transmission scheme, computer room terminal data storage, and energy management energy-saving applications.

Technological advantages Cloudtop is a high-tech enterprise that creates value for users in various industries around the world with a brand-new service concept, focusing on technological innovation in the field of information transmission, focusing on technological innovation in the field of information transmission, focusing on customer experience, and focusing on the national informatization development strategy.
With the support of strong research and development capabilities, Cloudtop and innovative, combined with the world's leading lean management system, with the best process capabilities and innovative 28 proprietary technologies, a full range of products for more than 30 provinces and cities in China In more than 50 countries around the world, it provides high-quality products and technical services for the construction of information and disasters.
Product Series Cloudtop's full range of product lines mainly include large-scale modular environmental protection and energy-saving data centers, smart cloud computer rooms, intelligent building integrated wiring systems, wireless LAN products, various special cables, robot/new energy cables and security communication cables cable, and other products and technical services.

User trust Cloudtop cable has successively won the top ten brands in China's building intelligence industry and the top ten most influential products in China's security peripheral equipment (cables).
Brand, China's top 50 security reputation and many other honors, products have passed 3C certification, China Taier certification, US UL certification, EU CE certification, EU REACH certification
Certificate, 1S09001 Quality Management System Certification, 1S045001 Health Management System Certification and many other domestic and international authoritative certifications.
Mission Vision Cloudtop will continue to innovate, connect the world, create information security, and deliver happiness and dreams to the world as the corporate mission, uphold the corporate culture of "innovation, improvement, service, mutual prosperity, and gratitude". Achieve strategic synergy with global users, and continue to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

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