Characteristics of computer room integrated wiring

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Update time : 2022-10-08 09:48:01

1. compatibility
Integrated wiring integrates the signal lines of voice, data and monitoring equipment through unified planning and design, using the same transmission media, information sockets, cross-connecting equipment, adapters, etc., and integrates these different signals into a set of standard wiring. It can be seen that this kind of wiring is greatly simplified compared with the traditional wiring, which can save a lot of materials, time and space.

2. Flexibility
The traditional wiring method is closed and its architecture is fixed, so it is quite difficult, troublesome or even impossible to migrate or add equipment.
The integrated wiring adopts standard transmission cables and related connection hardware, and is designed in a modular way. Therefore, all channels are common. Each channel can support terminals, Ethernet workstations and token ring workstations. All the opening and modification of the equipment do not need to change the wiring, but only need to increase or decrease the corresponding application equipment and carry out the necessary jumper management on the distribution frame.

3. Reliability
The integrated wiring adopts high-quality materials and combined crimping to form a set of high-standard information transmission channels. All trunking and related connectors have passed ISO certification, and each channel should adopt special instruments to test the impedance and attenuation rate of the link to ensure its electrical performance. The application wiring is all point-to-point terminated, and the failure of any link will not affect the operation of other links, which provides convenience for the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of links, thus ensuring the reliable operation of the application system.

4. Advanced nature
Comprehensive wiring, which adopts the mixed wiring method of optical fiber and twisted pair, constitutes a complete set of wiring very reasonably. All the wiring adopts the latest communication standard in the world, and the links are configured with eight-core twisted pair. The bandwidth of category 5 twisted pair can reach 100mhz, category 6 twisted pair can reach 250MHz and category 6 twisted pair can reach 500MHz.

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