Introduction and function of ground plug

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Introduction and function of ground plug

The ground plug, that is, the ground socket, the full name is the ground socket for household and similar purposes. Generally installed on the ground or similar places, the socket used to connect with the fixed wiring is usually used as the terminal and outlet of the ground wiring system to take out the power, signal and data in the ground wiring system. The ground socket is divided into two series: general type and damping type. This product is of ultra-thin design, the surface is uniform and fine, smooth and beautiful, and fits closely with the installation surface. When opened, the surface is slowly and uniformly raised by the damping mechanism. Compared with the pop-up type, the noise is small and the safety is high. It is mainly used in large-room indoor places such as office places, machine-style hotels, and commercial families, etc., and has a wide range of uses.

Mistakes in the use of ground plugs

position too low

When many families install the ground plug, they feel that it is too high to be beautiful and will be installed in a lower hidden position. In this way, it is easy to splash water into the ground plug when mopping the floor, resulting in an electric leakage accident. According to industry regulations, the distance between the exposed socket and the ground should not be less than 1.8 meters; the distance between the concealed socket and the ground should not be less than 0.3 meters.

lack of protection

It is best to install a splash-proof water box or a plastic baffle on the panel of the ground socket. In addition, some decoration companies often make the ground wire useless when installing the three-hole socket, and even directly connect the ground wire to the gas pipeline. Professionals pointed out that these practices are very dangerous. The ground wire is connected to the housing of the electrical appliance. Once the electrical appliance leaks, it will cause electric shock.

Install at will

Power conductors must use copper cross-sections. If you live in an old house, be sure to replace the original aluminum wiring with copper wiring. Because the aluminum wire is easily oxidized, the joint is easy to catch fire. A survey has shown that the incidence of electrical fires in houses using aluminum wires is dozens of times that of copper wires. In addition, in order to be beautiful, many families will adopt the method of slotted buried wire and hidden pipe laying. When wiring, the principle of "the live wire goes into the switch and the neutral wire goes into the lamp holder" must be followed, and a leakage protection device must be installed on the ground.

Ground plug cleaning and maintenance

In a dry environment, the ground plug should be wiped frequently with a dry cloth to prevent accumulation of dirt; regularly use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust in the power strip, or turn the power strip upside down, tap the bottom lightly, and then wipe it with a dry cloth Dust on the surface; don't forget to cover the electrical plugs when the electrical appliances that are not used for a long time are covered with a dust cover; it is best to store the unused power strips in the cabinet and keep them properly to prevent dust accumulation; unplug the ones that are not used for a long time. Plug, save money and be safe.

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