Where do the faults and mistakes of weak current, security, monitoring and integrated wiring come from?

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Update time : 2022-09-13 09:40:32

We all know that weak current, security, monitoring, integrated wiring and other projects are very complex, so it is inevitable that errors will occur in the complex, so we should make pre-judgments as much as possible to avoid errors. In fact, it is relatively easy to minimize the faults and mistakes of the integrated wiring project. We have a comprehensive understanding of the latest causes of weak current, security, and monitoring fiber optic cable line failures.

   First: The armored components of the optical cable are all metal conductors. If the power line is short-circuited or the lightning strikes the metal parts, a strong current will be generated to damage the optical cable line equipment, and even personnel will be injured in severe cases. casualties.

   Second: The insulation of the optical cable line is not good. If the communication optical cable line is not well insulated, the operation of the optical cable will be greatly reduced due to stress corrosion and static fatigue after the splice box enters water or is damp. In severe cases, the fiber optic cable will break.

  Third: the influence of external forces Line faults are often caused by external forces. Since many communication optical cable lines are laid in the field, the general burial standard is deep below the stratum, so the damage of many external factors to the optical cable line cannot be effectively avoided.


Fourth: The fault at the line joint is most likely to fail at the line joint. This is because the optical fiber at the joint no longer has the protection power to the original optical cable structure or the protection power has been significantly weakened, so the daily operation and protection work can only be Relying on the splice box to proceed, this leads to a greatly increased chance of failure.

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