IDC data center smart power consumption solution

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Program Background:
IDC data center operation and maintenance power costs and carbon dioxide emissions exceed 50% of IDC's overall energy consumption data, and IDC construction costs are extremely high, and the value of data assets is unpredictable, so its electricity safety and green low-carbon operation and maintenance have become IDC's green and low-carbon operation and maintenance. one of the key items of
In February 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Organ Affairs Administration, and the National Energy Administration jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Green Data Centers" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), which clearly proposed to establish and improve the standard evaluation system for green data centers and energy Resource supervision system, by 2022, the average energy consumption of data centers will basically reach the international advanced level. The "Opinions" pointed out that the design power efficiency value of large and ultra-large data centers should be no higher than 1.4; and efforts should be made to make existing large and ultra-large data centers no higher than 1.8 through transformation.
IDC data center power consumption and energy consumption characteristics
Low-voltage power distribution equipment has a large number, high intensity and discrete distribution, making routine inspection difficult, and there is no data on abnormal power consumption and terminal monitoring. IDC is a national key energy consumption monitoring unit, but its abnormal operation and monitoring of load power is still difficult to reach the energy consumption status of sub-item electrical equipment, which makes it difficult to develop its energy saving potential. Terminal digital energy management technology is also the key for them to pursue their own digital, intelligent and AI decision analysis accuracy.

Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption in IDC Data Centers

Characteristics of IDC data center security incidents
According to the statistics of relevant institutions, fire accidents account for about 80% of all kinds of accidents in computer rooms. The fires are generally electronic computer bodies, supporting equipment or auxiliary devices, air-conditioning equipment or electrical equipment and external fire sources. The main cause of the fire is Including cable aging, irregular construction, electrical equipment failure, etc.
In 2016, a fire broke out in the power distribution system of a bank's data center in Chongqing, causing business interruption and direct economic losses of more than 100 million yuan.
In 2017, the failure of the UPS battery in the network data center of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications caused a fire, which disrupted the network services of many universities in Beijing.
In 2021, a fire broke out in the data center of OVHcloud, a large French Internet service provider, and SBG2 was completely burned, causing millions of websites to be paralyzed.
Electricity Pain Points in IDC Data Centers
Power consumption at the end: it is difficult to accurately supervise abnormal loads by item, it is difficult to give early warning, and difficult to control.

The upgraded digital electrical load management cloud platform.
PS: Based on the IDC green and safe electricity transformation project based on the traditional air-opening digitalization, it can effectively improve the IDC electrical safety production and the digital management level of green and low-carbon electricity consumption, and continue to build IDC's leading advantages in electricity management, production and social responsibility. Employees, products, market competition, etc. inject green and low-carbon sustainable development concepts.

Powerful advantages after upgrading

1. There is no need for manual leakage button detection and inspection. The green and safe digital intelligent power consumption scheme of Yuedao digital micro-break supports online automatic inspection of abnormal conditions such as leakage, voltage and current, and ensures the safety of production life and energy saving.

2. The amount of engineering is small and the construction period is short. The green and safe digital smart power consumption scheme of Yuedao digital micro-disconnection can monitor the real-time power consumption of equipment terminals, and supports classification, grouping, and sub-item measurement statistics, which is conducive to subsequent energy management strategies, planning and decision making.

3. The green and safe digital smart power consumption scheme based on the digital air switch can easily amplify the IDC and its social and economic effects. Through the improvement of the digital intelligence level of power consumption in the IDC center in multiple scenarios, it can bring excellent green, low-carbon and safety to the IDC. Production demonstrations are around, and at the same time, it is beneficial to obtain relevant government financial subsidies and tax concessions.

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