Towline cable product introduction

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1. What is a drag chain cable
The drag chain cable is a highly flexible special cable that can move back and forth with the drag chain without being easily worn. It can also be called a drag cable or a tank chain cable.

2. Application scenarios of drag chain cables
The drag chain cable is suitable for the installation environment under continuous reciprocating motion, especially in the industrial machinery application environment, where the cable needs to be bent frequently. In the cable drag chain, the cable is protected, and the cable can also move back and forth with the drag chain.
Drag chain cables are mainly used in industrial electronic systems, automated production lines, control systems, warehousing and logistics equipment, robots, fire protection systems, cranes, metal stamping, CNC machine tools, metallurgical industry and wood processing and other industries.
3. Core materials and technologies of drag chain cables
"Yuedao" drag chain cable mainly has 7 key materials and technical requirements

1. Tensile structure and materials
In the center/both sides of the cable, according to the number of cores and the space in the cross area of ​​each core, a better material filling is designed to fully perform tensile and strengthening effects. This method can effectively protect the stability of the stranded wire structure. .
2. Conductor structure
Choose the most flexible conductor for the cable. Generally speaking, the thinner the conductor, the better the flexibility of the cable, but if the conductor is too thin, it may cause cable entanglement.
3. Core wire insulation
Insulation materials within the cable must not stick to each other. And the insulating layer also needs to support each individual wire. Therefore, only high-pressure molded PVC or TPE materials can be used in drag chain cables.
4. Stranded wire
The stranded wire structure is designed to be twisted around a stable tensile-strengthened central filler according to the optimum laying pitch.
5. Inner sheath
The armored extruded inner sheath replaces cheap wool material fillers or accessory fillers and ensures that the strand structure does not become unraveled.
6. Shield
The shield is tightly braided outside the inner jacket with an optimized braid angle. The loose braid will reduce the EMC protection ability and the shield will quickly fail due to shield breakage. The tightly braided shield also resists torsion.
7. Outer Sheath
The outer sheath made of different modified polymer materials is used as a comprehensive protective layer, and has the functions of anti-UV, anti-low temperature, mineral oil and fuel oil. However, all of these outer jackets have one thing in common, high abrasion resistance and will not stick to anything. The outer sheath must be highly flexible and must also have a support function.
Fourth, the product material characteristics of the drag chain cable
Conductor: multi-strand ultra-fine finely stranded oxygen-free copper wire, diameter 0.1±0.004mm. If customers have special technical requirements, they can be customized according to customer technical parameters, and other types of copper wires can be selected separately.
Insulation: Special mixed nitrile PVC material insulation.
Color: can be customized according to customer needs.
Shielding: tinned copper wire mesh weaving, density above 85%;
Sheath: Bending-resistant, oil-resistant, wear-resistant and waterproof jacket for mixed nitrile PVC.
Five, the product type of drag chain cable
TRVV: copper core nitrile PVC insulated, nitrile PVC sheathed drag chain cable.
TRVVP: Cu-core DQ-PVC insulated, DQ-PVC sheathed, soft-sheathed tinned copper wire mesh braided shielded drag chain cable.
TRVVSP: copper core, nitrile PVC insulation, nitrile PVC sheath, twisted twisted and generally shielded drag chain cable.
RVVYP: copper core nitrile mixed with special insulation, nitrile mixed with special sheath and oil resistant overall shielded drag chain cable.
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