Home Improvement Network Cable Selection Guide

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"Internet" and "Vibrato" have become necessities of life. The network cable in the new home must be good, and inferior network cables must not be used, otherwise it will be too terrible to replace the network cable at that time! This article talks about the purchase of network cables on the topic of "Internet Cable Quality Anxiety Disorder".
Is it necessary to use a shielded network cable at home?

Opinion: Please choose "unshielded network cable" for home decoration


1. The anti-interference ability of the unshielded cable is not bad;

2. In the home environment, there are not many sources of signal interference. The impact of the 220V strong electricity at home on the network cable communication may exist, but it is extremely weak. In the standard wiring, the strong current and weak current wiring are separated, so the interference of the strong current to the network cable will be smaller;

3. Most home network devices do not support shielding, and shielding the network cable alone is meaningless;

4. The construction difficulty of shielded wire is much higher than that of unshielded wire

Due to the existence of various shielding layers, the shielded wire is thicker, heavier and harder than the unshielded wire, and the threading work is more difficult.

Some decoration companies especially like to use shielded wires and sell them with "concepts", which greatly increases construction costs and wire costs.

5. Is your home worth being monitored? Anyway, I don't think I have any.

What types of network cables are generally recommended for use at home?

Opinion: Please choose "Category 5 super network cable" or "Category 6 network cable" for home decoration

1. Category 5, Category 4 and Category 3 cables have become historical symbols. Under the guidance of advanced network architecture ideas, China basically started with Category 5 cables.

2. The Super Category 5 network cable is an upgraded version of the Category 5 network cable. It supports the highest transmission rate of 1000Mbps and is generally used in a 100Mpbs network. The surface has the words "CAT.5e". Compared with Category 5 network cable, Category 5e network cable has smaller attenuation and stronger anti-interference ability. It has been the main force of home improvement network cable in the past 20 years.

3. Category 6 network cables support the highest rate of 1000Mbps, and are generally used in 1000Mpbs networks, with the words "CAT.6" on the skin. It is the most commonly used network cable in the context of home improvement gigabit broadband

Category 6e, Category 7 or even Category 8 network cables are used in special application scenarios (such as backbone networks such as data centers).

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